Friday, 30 October 2015

A Special Sharing by a Special Person.. - "Spreading Smiles"

OYA celebrated its 5th Birthday on 19th Oct 2015 and launched a new Initiative - "Spreading Smiles" 

Sharing a feedback from one of the event under this initiative - Direct Dil Se - written by one of our Mentor and Supporter Mr.Sailesh Mishra after he conducted a wonderful session with one of our partner shelter home girls. 

Dear Raheen JJ it was wonderful memorable experience with Rescue Home girls. Could not believe government run home could be so neat, clean, discipline and peaceful. The whole environment was soothing and specially the home tour with you as an guide. I still cant forget newborn and little babies room, their smiling faces, their speaking, calling eyes... The Girls were so well mannered, I wonder why cant our children be same at our home, the best thing was the Pratham Education which was followed till Std. 10th, they were so intelligent, smart and quick, the education module is excellent with lot many practicals, we sent our kids to central boards and IB / IG, but let me tell you these girls would give tough fight to all town kids. Our Session and whole program was very well planned by your team , Deepa mam was too good. What we did was just out of heart, we wanted to make them laugh, dance, sing and give them take back some Life Skill learning of real life, Satyamev Jayate Active ageing clip was purposely shown to let them know nothing is impossible in this world; age, disability, poverty, class, caste, religion, gender etc does not matter if you are focus and have strong Will power. 
I thank my Colleague Jenet Faras and Dhanalaxmi Rao and your colleague Yogendra ji for all the support. And it ended well with nice hand made stuff made by these girls, buying for our home. Raheen I  am so proud and happy for you and OYA - Open Your Arms I know you since 2009 and since then seen you falling and rising, it needs guts to DO the stuff you do for this young kids and society. Salute you for your commitment for the Children cause, your psychology background and good soul is added advantage for all of us. At Silver Innings we are happy to partner with you for our cause of elders. I Love Kids and Seniors, that brings me near God. Yes without community help this home wont make difference and good to see, lot many people come ahead and donate meaningful things to these children's. Let me know if we could do something, send me list of things they need monthly. One Last thing, just cant forget that baby, wanted to Adopt all of them, god is not stone hearted, he will surely give them HOME and Parents soon. Just keep on doing things you love and world will recognize you one day. God bless you always. Love and Hugs to TEAM OYA - Open Your Arms . 

Your small supporter - Sailesh Mishra

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