Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Children's Day Celebration at V M School by OYA Foundation...

Children’s Day Celebration With Very Unique Kids
This time our Organization got a wonderful chance to celebrate children’s day with very special kids, they were the kids from Victoria Memorial School who were visually impaired. We celebrated this beautiful day on Saturday, 19th November. The occasion started with having an introductory but a fun loving session, we gathered information about themselves & shared with them about our organization & the most important thing “the purpose of meeting today”. The response of the kids after knowing the reason was overwhelming, there was an excitement & thrill in their voice & of course why not, it will be, everyone likes to have fun & that to from boring studies.
We started with playing few word games, and then we made them hear to the song of “Yeh Tara” from the movie "Swadesh” and title track of movie - "Taare Zameen Par". Our motive behind making them hear to that song was to make them realize that they are still very special like the stars in the sky. As stars though surrounded by the darkness of the sky still continue to shine & spread their radiance to others, the same way they are also a ray of hope to the other normal kids around. They place an example to others that inspite of not having vision they still have not lost the zeal to live their life. This sets them unique from other kids.
The celebration further continued by kids singing songs for us, they have a great passion for singing; music is like a friend to them. The kids had such a soothing voice; it seemed as if you just go on listening to them for hours & hours. Along with singing few kids were playing harmonium too. They are Super Rockstars. After a wonderful & melodious session of singing, we gave them healthy snacks which kids really enjoyed & the celebration ended by giving them gift as a token of love that we received from these special kids.

So to sum up this incredible celebration, it was an overwhelming & remarkable experience.
- Nishita Desai.
OYA Foundation

Monday, 16 May 2011

Reflections from a Parent of ASB after the Visit to OYA!

 Sharing a beautiful feedback written by Heather Kingston (parent from American School of Bombay) who visited OYA!

Having just arrived back from our visit to OYA, I wanted to reflect on what I experienced and learned while there. First and foremost I want to thank you, Raheen, for welcoming us into your life and the lives of such special individuals. We really felt comfortable coming back to see you and I know that I, along with the girls, were really excited to come back.

Raheen, I admire that you have become an agent of change by addressing the needs regardless of the uphill battle. I hope that ASB can continue collaborating with your organization to further your success with OYA and spreading the word. I also hope that ASB will continue this relationship by providing the technology, talent or resources to help you educate the public as we discussed. This should  definitely be an area for more brainstorming of ideas.

I know that I personally, would love to keep in touch and help with the growth and development of such a valuable organization.

Ultimately this experience as added to my life and given me more reason to embrace my time in India and find ways to give back.

Thanks so much
Heather Kingston

                    OYA stars teaching dance moves to ASB kids, Divya and Heather.

(Thanks a ton Heather this means a lot - Open Your Arms!)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ideal Self Affirmations

Ideal Self Affirmations

* My higher self is showing my best action to take.

* I now invite my higher self to manifest beauty in my life. 

* I use the power of my thoughts to create positive outcomes.

* I move forward in life knowing that I am divinely guided.

* I am whole and perfect just the way I am.

* I love and accept myself just the way I am.

* It is okay to be me.

* I now accept abundance as my birth right.

* The more I let go the easier life becomes. 

* It is okay to me, I am pure love.

 Raheen J 
Founder/Director - Open Your Arms! 
Clinical Psychologist/ Counselor/Therapist

Monday, 2 May 2011

My Experience working with the women in Prostitution

“ We must have the courage to bet on our dreams,
to take the calculated risk and leave behind forever
the internal forces that hold us down.”

This is spirit with which we work at OYA!

Sold either by their own family, by her husband or her beloved, small dark rooms, heightened bed, a mask of make-up, varied colored clothes, pressure and blasts from the madam\pimp, force, injuries, scars from the clients or boyfriend, lack hygiene, lack of proper food, to work the whole night, complete her household chores in the day, lack of freedom, no choice at all………..
This is the real Life of a ‘Prostitute.

Still there is hope, hidden needs, desires and dreams….
Dream to stand for herself,
Dream to educate her children,
Dream to save her daughter from falling into this profession,
Dream to give her children a normal and respectful life,
Dream to one day come out and live life of her own choice,
Dream that she’ll be heard one Day…..

Drawn by one of our 'Star' (girl)

- Raheen J
Founder/Director - Open Your Arms! OYA!
Clinical Psychologist/Counselor/ Therapist.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

What does OYA mean to us?

OYA is a beautiful, long-awaited idea, which is finally manifesting itself.
Our founder and director,Raheen Jummani (Clinical Psychologist/Radio Jockey/Social entrepreneur), has worked long and hard to make this dream come true. 
With her dedication and passion, OYA has now arrived and is here to stay, grow, flourish and reach out to all! :)

OYA is the abbreviated form of Open Your Arms.
We work towards creating an environment that accepts one and all with open arms. 
We endeavor to reach out to people and also to the society as a whole.

In Yoruba mythology, OYA means the Under-goddess of the Niger river.
It essentially means the spirit of change.
It is also the facilitator of transition.

We, at OYA truly wish to bring out the best in ourselves and others whom we come in contact with. 
We are open to new ideas, people, things and to change. 
We help each other to grow personally and professionally. 
We are a great team of good, efficient and dedicated professionals. 
We are satisfied and happy workers. 
We are social entrepreneurs. 
We are passionate about our work and give our hundred percent to all that we do. 
We enjoy our work. 
Challenges drive us to excellence.

We believe in an holistic approach which focuses on all aspects of human growth.

We plan to progress to have multiple, all encompassing and easily accessible  centers working for the cause of mental well being and health. These would be open to each and every person who wishes to reach out to us.

Pallavi. U. Arur.
Executive catalyst (OYA)
Clinical Psychologist

What is OYA?

OYA- Open Your Arms:
OYA is a mental well being venture. 
It is being registered as a Non-profit organisation. 
We are a start-up group who trust the fact that mental well being needs to be made available to one and all and its importance needs to be spread for people to reap its benefits.
We are a team of dedicated mental health professionals collaborating with NGO's, schools, hospitals, various organisations and institutes to provide our services.
All our sessions are designed post a complete evaluation of the needs of the target population and thus are exclusive models each time.

Need for mental health:

"Mens sana in corpore sano" - 
A sound mind in a sound body
From 'The Thought Power' By Swami Sivanand

Seeing the number of suicides and other hair raising cases in today's times, we realise how mental health is suffering and help sought and provided at the right time,could ensure a stable life.
We also know that a happy life requires a healthy body and a healthy mind too.
OYA endeavors to work towards a building healthy, positive, psychologically empowered minds.

Services provided include:
Psychological counseling (Individual and Group)
Creative therapies- Dance, Drama, Music, Art, Play, Interplay, Cinema etc.
Workshops on various topics
Life skills sessions
Family therapy
Psychological testing
Teachers training and workshops
Parents workshops
Workshops for senior citizens on various issues

Our team includes:
Raheen Jummani (Founder/Director and Clinical Psychologist)
Pallavi Arur (Executive catalyst and Clinical Psychologist)
Candice Rosario (Consulting Psychologist)
Neha Singh (Visiting Psychologist)
Board of mentors:
Veena Kumar (Social Psychologist, Psychology Professor, Reiki Grandmaster)
Lata Pujari (Program Officer- Sophia centre for women studies/ M.A. in History and Diploma in Youth Development process from Common wealth,London)
Richard Alderson (Co-founder of Unltd India)
Beroz Kanga (Clinical Psychologist and Special educator)
Doctors panel:
Dr. Yogendra Jaiswal (Consulting homeopath)

We are a social organisation.Our vision is to psychologically empower each individual we encounter with learning and coping capabilities to lead a positive and healthy life.
By using simple creative methods, we can bring out your best self and help deal with various issues faced by children,adolescents,youth,adults, in the contemporary society and family life.

Good health is not only being free from illness or injury, it is holistic well being.

Get in touch with us to know more about us and our services!

Pallavi. U. Arur.
Executive catalyst (OYA)
Clinical Psychologist