Sunday, 22 April 2012

Teacher -2nd mother to the child

OYA conducted workshop on Effective teaching on 16/04/2012 in Friend’s School. The workshop was attended by around 25 pre- primary and primary teachers. And it was the wonderful learning and teaching experience for both teachers and facilitator.
The workshop started with the experience sharing of the facilitator Raheen Jummani. Hearing the different experiences, some sort of difference was observed in teachers. They look inspired and seemed that the different angle of life was exposed to them. The coordinator (head of the section) was going to sit for 20-30 mins for the session as she had other commitments and meeting. But she was so touched and was inspired by the talks and experience of the facilitator-Raheen that she cancelled all her meeting and attended the entire session.
The session was very interactive. The power point presentation on Effective teaching was upto the mark. Precisely each topic was covered. All the problems faced by the teacher in the classroom setting with students, co- teacher, coordinator were addressed and teachers were satisfied with solutions given to the problems.
The words such as compartmentalization, pro-active, introspection, etc. took the session to the different dimension. Though the workshop was on Effective Teaching, but the real life examples given and faced by everyone beyond teaching, was a ladder to self growth and knowing oneself better. At the end of the workshop some eyes were moist and hearts were melted. The Effectiveness of the workshop was evidence by the feedback received from the teacher. Teachers said that, “such important concepts which actually we know but take it lightly were explained beautifully with great examples and deeper meanings, which directly nailed into our hearts.”
There were also suggestions for conducting self-development, confidence building and many more workshops in near future. OYA is looking forward to have more such heart touching and self growth workshops with teachers, students, parents in Friends School.
Dhara shah