Saturday, 25 February 2012

Our Article in Hindustan Times and Our Wonderful Team...

Hindustan Times covered Open Your Arms.... in today's paper..... A Feather in Our Cap.....

Our OYA Team...... Who makes everything possible...... Feels Blessed to Have such a Wonderful, Amazing, Fantastic Team....

I Thank Each one of You - Veena Ma'am, Ambereen Jummani, Roopa Mohan, Behroz Dumasia, Nishita Desai, Candice Rosario, Dhara Shah and Swetha Ranganathan - for being There....

You all ROCK!!!!!

- Raheen Jummani
Open Your Arms!

Friday, 24 February 2012

The Willingness to Seek can Seek Wonders!

Sometimes we see
The most unlikely things
in the most unlikely places.
If you are willing to seek…
… you will see…
…the beauty of a lotus
amongst the dirtiest of waters
…childlike vibrance
amongst the dullest of persons
… unimaginable creativity
among the most methodical
…life’s wisdom
amongst the ones seen as incapable
…the strength to fight
with bare minimum support
… an act of love
even from a heart that’s hurt
…a will to grow
even on the dessert soil.
Sometimes we see
the most unlikely things
in the most unlikely places.
If you are willing to seek…
…you will see…
…A ray of hope
Shinning through an array of dark clouds
You will see…
among Impossibilities.

…is a Belief in the Worth of each soul.
…is the Love for each and every soul
…is an Excitement to Create Opportunities
...Is more than an organization.
It’s an Energy…
… that is Willing to Accept and Embrace ALL…
…OYA… Open Your Arms!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

OYA Celebrates National Girl Child Day

As the saying goes…
“ Educate a Girl - Educate a Generation “.

Education is considered as a liberating force, as well as Democratizing force, cutting across the barriers of caste and class, smoothing out inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances –Indira Gandhi.

Who else could be better to start & implement this…of course.. We the WOMEN- the Power , OYA believes , supports and always works on this..

OYA celebrated National Girl Child Day on 24th January 2012 at their collaborated schools.. initiative taken by Govt of India to mark this day for Girl Child in 2009.

OYA had organized various activities across schools.

The program started with a small speech on importance of Girl Child & need of Education for girls followed by a documentary movie made by Kids , children were asked to talk on related topic , share views and experiences … The Impact was tremendous…Children were overwhelmed…many came forward to share their part.. some of which were really horrifying !! ... giving goose bumps to all.. imagine a 12yr old child remembering how her Father had poisoned her Mother’s milk to get rid of a her ( Girl Child )..

This gave an opportunity to children to open and pour their hearts. Feedback from the Kids was Fantastic and Heartwarming.

Many games and activities were held and prizes were given away..

Sweets were distributed to all those lovely Angels !!

OYA went on Air at Gyanvani to Wish & Share the memorable moments of the day.

OYA feels every single day should be a celebration day for Girls !

Executive Catalyst OYA.