Friday, 26 June 2015

Working with Open Your Arms Foundation.

Working with Open Your Arms Foundation

Kids…gifts of God ! Innocent, naughty, mischievous, humble, lovable and loving, without being judgmental. The pure innocence remains intact till the time we remain kids. Don’t we often say “Childhood days were the best days”! No stress, no worries, just play, laugh, care and share with your family and friends. I often felt and said to myself and others too, “I wish I could return to my childhood”. Wish I could play the way I used to play. I always had a feeling of re living my memories of childhood. I had even put my Whats App status on my last birthday as “Wish I could go back to the innocent phase of life”.
 Working with “Open Your Arms Foundation”, OYA, I got the opportunity to spend time with a class of kids I never experienced in life. Through OYA I got the opportunity to work on one of its partner projects, “Project Street Children” which caters to the needs of under privileged street children. The first thing learnt through this project is the need for unconditional love and acceptance, a need for all classes.
 They play the same games I played during my childhood, off course with a few changes. They laugh and tease each other, fight but kiss and make up, joke around, trouble elders for studies but yet are innocent in their own way. I even got the opportunity to play outdoor games with them, where they taught me few games and vice versa. Thank you OYA for making me become more tolerant of kids and helping me re-live my childhood memories. 

- Shazia Khan 
Counselling Psychologist