Monday, 13 January 2020


Sharing the Joy and Success.

No one has ever known life as being a smooth ride throughout. All of us at some point stumble across roadblocks, experience bumpy rides, drive into dead ends and lose our way while going through this journey called ‘LIFE’. What makes life easier and manageable when we stumble upon such crucial challenges in life is knowing that there is a hand out there which is ready to hold ours and walk us through our difficult times, that there are open and welcoming arms out there which will with its warm embrace make our troubles feel lighter and help us get back on our feet. ‘OPEN YOUR ARMS-OYA’ is an organization that lives up to its name and is not just a thought, but an actual lifeline that has been and continues to be that ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel for several individuals since past 9 years.  
In its glorious 10th year, OYA fondly looks back at its journey so far where it has touched so many souls (through its Counselling, Remedial services and other programs) who in turn have touched the lives of the dedicated professionals of OYA. At this point, OYA feels like a proud parent when it sees its beneficiaries successfully surmounting the challenges and the pain life threw at them and standing strong through all the storms, seeing themselves through, only to come out stronger and more beautiful than ever. OYA is thrilled to share with all of you the success stories of its beneficiaries who dared to ... ‘BELIEVE IT AND ACHIEVE IT’ while they were face to face with life’s adversities. This core belief of OYA that if you can believe it, you can achieve it has been the driving force behind many a beaming hearts it was fortunate enough to touch. Be ready to be inspired every month while we share with you the magnificent journeys of our beneficiaries so far whom we would lovingly and proudly like to call OYA’s ‘BELIE-CHIEVERS’!

- Behroz Dumasia 
Special Educator & Mentor 
Open Your Arms Foundation