Thursday, 30 July 2015



 I joined OYA with the hope of learning new things, meeting new people, trying new things and pushing my boundaries…but I learnt that there are no boundaries to push as this world is huge and so are my opportunities
I clearly remember it was a Thursday when my mentor told me that I had to do a puppet show with my friend for kids between the age group of 4 to 7 at Sharanam(home for girls) At this point I had 2 problems.. 1st I had never done a puppet show before and 2nd I had never met the kids at Sharanam,so I had no idea what they were like. But as an intern with a first assignment me and my friend were determined to do we sat down and we decided to do the story of King Midas and his golden touch..we made puppets on ice cream sticks and a board with a night and day theme... and we decided that I would move the puppet and be the characters and she would do the narration...during practice I made a lot of mistakes. I forgot my lines when I remembered them I forgot to move the characters to make them look like they were talking and one time I knocked down the board that we made.. I was a total klutz.
So naturally on the day of the show I was nervous as I did not think I could do it... and my colleague kept reminding me...not to mess up my lines or not to forget that I had to move the characters to show as if they were talking.... when we reached Sharanam we met the girls and had the time to interact with them before the show. The kids were great and were excited to see the show. So we set the board up and the show began. During the show I could see the kids looking at the puppets and listening to story with such interest that it made me forget the things that can go wrong and just get into it…from this story we wanted the kids to get the message of not to be greedy and to be happy with what they have. And I guess we succeeded, but from this experience I learned a lot more, I learnt that just because we think we cant do something or we haven’t done something before, should not stop us from trying something new …Change is a part of life and so is learning.
So what! if you fail this time, so what!! if you get embarrassed. Its time that we stop thinking about what “people” think or say because in the next 30 years when you look back “these people” will not be the ones feeling the regret of not doing the things you wanted to do,or laughing at your funny memories or crying at your loss. So next time you think you can't do something or the task is way out of your comfort zone stand up look in the mirror and say “nah I can do it, and you my friend cant stop me because there may be people who could do this task better than me..BUT THEY WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER ME”

-Shivani F