Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Royal Voyage - Experience Sharing by OYA Intern

A Royal Voyage

Sometimes life brings to you the unexpected, something new and exciting. OYA to me personally was a breath of fresh air. Something that inspired me to take a step forward, help people and make them happy. I wanted to do something different for a change and when the opportunity presented itself I took it. 
OYA is more than just an organisation; it is something the people enjoy being a part of, helping people and making them smile is what makes us who we are. Being a part of OYA has taught me a lot of things not just that there are people who need us but that it is a whole new experience in itself. It has helped me open up to people, meet new ones and strengthen the bonds of the old. Making new friends was my worst trait but now I feel as if it were my best. Helping the kids is what brings me joy as we all know that the children are our future so helping them is helping our future.
 Yes people do have problems in life but no one is perfect and that’s what makes us human but solving the problems together is what OYA strives to achieve. It is fun playing with the children. It brings great joy and changes in my life and interacting with them I too know that I am doing the same with theirs. A two way process where we both get the benefits and learn from one another.  
I hope to be a good role model for the children and help them become the best so that they may pass on the knowledge to the future generation. Even a small change in the present can have the biggest impact on the children in the future just as a small snow ball rolling down a snowy hill can cause an avalanche. I would like to become that person that the children look up to and come to when in a sticky situations. 
Trust is something that is slowly and steadily built in OYA. Friendship is one other thing we in OYA value a lot. Between the children, the interns, the mentor trust and friendship is what binds us and holds us together. Joining OYA has changed my perspective of life. It has taught me that opening your life to new choices brings in new changes in life. I am glad I got the chance to join and be a part of OYA because even though it is small I know my life has changed for the better.

Veena Ravi


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Believe it, achieve it!

 Believe it, achieve it!

There is a force that controls all your decisions. It influences how you think and feel every moment you're alive. It determines what you'll do and what you'll not do. It determines how you feel about anything that occurs in your life. That force is your BELIEF.
All of us have certain dreams and all of us want to achieve those dreams, but how much do we believe in ourselves to achieve those dreams?
This is one thing I have commonly observed in people. 
THEY FEEL THEY ARE FAILURE but they have to understand that
To achieve your goals you have to believe that there are no failures. The way you tried to achieve your goals wasn't a right approach but that doesn't mean you failed. It means that this didn't work so you have to change your approach. No matter how many times you have to change your approach, no matter how many times you make mistake you are not failure. Keep on trying. 
You lose the battle or you are a failure when you don't even care to make an attempt. 
Unless and until you don't try how'll you know whether you could do it or not?
People feel dejected trying for few times. They feel that they are good for nothing. 
But how often we try to turn the table around and instead of feeling depressed we make a point to try again and again. Unless we get our dreams fulfilled. Success doesn't comes overnight. 
Well anyone who plants a seed today and expects fruits should relocate to another planet. It isn't possible on planet earth. 
Here, you don't win unless you consistently and continuously back up your attitude to win with the attitude to prepare to win. 
Eleventh hour preparations do not work beyond 9th standard in school.
In life, preparations to win is a prerequisite to win.
It takes lot of hard work and dedication. Be dedicated to your work and no one can stop you.
When you are criticized by your teacher, boss or parents just don't feel bad about it instead know your mistakes and work upon them. 
Drop this attitude of I CAN'T because this is a language of death. The only time you can't do anything is the time when you stop breathing but till the time you are alive you have to believe in I CAN. 
We all should know one thing that if we don't believe in ourselves completely no one will. 
If you feel you are good for nothing than you give a chance to everyone for believing in this that you are good for nothing but if you believe that you can do only than you can do and make people believe in you.
If we keep striving to make things better, and we learn from our "mistakes", then we will succeed. 

- Vidhushi Jain