Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Funtala - A Fun Day!


At Asha Sadan

Funtala is a FUN DAY.... Celebrated as a birthday of a donor. This Program is specially designed by OYA for the kids (3-6years)  and the girls (14-18 years)  to have loads of fun in creative ways.

Funatla Events for Children (3-6 years):
  • Racing to the Jungle: The children were bubbling with energy to race their way by hopping or walking the walk of various animals. They hopped like little bunnies, and jumped like funny frogs, swayed slowly in a squatting position to quack their way like darling ducklings and galloped with confident strides like majestic horses. The common action that accompanied all the walks was the cheerful laughs.

  • Rhythmic Rhymes: The children instantly caught the tune and the actions of the sweet rhyme, ‘Where is Thumbkin’. The impact of the rhyme was such that every visit Oya made after the Funtala, we were greeted by the ‘Thumbkin’. Singing to the rhythm, the kids learned how to greet people using the English language while having loads of fun.


  •  Nana Nani ki Kahani:    The kid  wereall ears and eyes to hear a new story ‘Lion and the Mouse’. Gleaming eyes were eager to have a peak at the enthralling pictures. Curious minds awaited and tried to guess the up-coming events of the story. The gang ready to have loads of fun joined in the drama the story created through their actions and all the growling and squeaking to enhance the characterization in the story. Finally, the kids wrapped up all the fun they had not only listening but participating in the story and stored it in their memory along with its precious message of being there for your friends in need and respecting each individual for who they are.

  •  Skipping Fun: Two volunteers of OYA held the tricky skipping rope from the two ends and made various obstacles using the rope for the kids to either jump over the steady rope at a short height or to pass from below it when held higher or jump over the dancing waves of the rope, all that without touching the rope. Each child enjoyed playing with the rope in this fun way and awaited their turns for each of the different obstacles.

Funatla Events for Young Girls(14-18 years):

  •           Taal se Taal Mila: The girls instantly put their singing talent and their knowledge of hindi songs to use while having fun participating in various competitive rounds. The traditional ‘Antakshari’ round was a good warm up. Then the challenges increased the excitement through rounds like singing songs with the given words, guessing the song from its tune and acting out the songs while their team mates tried guessing it. The girls through the ups and downs of winning and losing each round learned to pull each individual’s resources together and work as one team.


  •       Dramebaaz : It was a treat for the eyes and our hearts & minds to see the girls perform street plays, beautifully on the topics given. The focus of the street play competition was to express the our agony about some existing social issues using satire, irony, sarcasm and prepare a play that pinched our conscience but made our hearts laugh out loud. The girls demonstrated brilliance in their work, be it their ideas, presentation, acting skills, dialogue delivery or group work. The judges and the spectators witnessed creativity at its best.

The team performing on the topic, ‘Bhrashtachaar Humari Zaroorat Hain’ won the sparkling Trophy - "CREATIVE INNOVATORS" presented by OYA.


  •         Soothe Your Soul: One of our promising volunteers, Nihar played a mix of old and new melodies on his guitar. It was the best way to bring the day’s events to a memorable end. The girls, Asha Sadan’s management and OYA team members all joined in to sing to the strings’ melodies.
A day packed with Smiles, Laughter, Innovations, Creativity, Talents, Learnings and FUNNNNNN!!!!! :) :) :)



How to be a Successful Entrepreneur - An Expert Talk

Expert talk by Mr.Rahim Munshi

Organised by OYA.

Topic :                         How to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Date:               13/04/2013

Venue:            Nalanda Foundation

Participants:   Social Entrepreneurs/Budding social groups/Psychologists/Counselors/any individual who would like to know more about the concerned topic


About the Resource Person - Mr. Rahim Munshi:

He is an IIT ian from Mumbai and a member of the Front End New Business capture team. He has the Ability to see the “ Big Picture “and understand multiple disciplines with technical credibility. He has Excellent communication / listening skills and capability to prepare and present to all levels of management and also has the Ability to work in a team environment, with a high level of initiative. He has extensive knowledge and experience to identify, modify, develop and implement systems engineering plans, processes and procedures. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in leading, training and facilitating Qualify Function Deployment (QFD) methodology and Risk Management. Above all, he is a man with multiple talents and humility.


Outcome of the Talk:

Participants learnt about various dimensions of working in a team like:

·         Team Building

·          Team Sharing

·         Importance of Acknowledging  & Appreciating Your Team’s Work


They also learnt about ways of successfully achieving ones goals through topics like:

·         How to Achieve your GOAL

·         Focusing on ‘What You Do’ – Ones actions that determine the outcome

·         Overcoming Distractions while Setting and Achieving Goals                


Finally, they received priceless guidelines to build a successful organization and be a successful Entrepreneur.

The response of the talk was remarkable. Various participants came ahead to share the experiences they had during their journey towards establishing an organization. Viewpoints were shared and each participant returned home with a new vision and plenty of hope for success in all their endeavors.