Friday, 25 March 2016

Play - Explore the Outside World

There exists a world outside classroom !

Yes, unfortunately in the modern world of game consoles and interactive toys, in pretext of learning with technology it’s easy to overlook the importance of outdoor play that has lot to offer.

A real big world does exist outside the classroom, and the possibilities are really endless.

With the current trend of rising health issues in children, it has never been more important to teach young children the value of being active outside the classrooms.

Outdoor plays not only teach children practical life skills, it offers tremendous amount of fun added with numerous health benefits.

Research studies have consistently shown that playing in an outdoor environment reduces stress while promoting psycho-socio-emotional skills, and even increasing attention spans. It's proved that outdoor play significantly reduces the symptoms of ADHD, a condition that now affects most of the school children.

Outdoor activities that a child can undertake is limited only by it's imagination. One of the best activities for promoting an interactive mind would be the nature journal.

Help your child explore a safe outdoor area to see the dynamic change in their development, as playing outdoors promotes self-confidence, fine motor skills, and balance. It also promotes self-reliance, increases flexibility, and improves overall coordination which is essential in healthy development of children.

Roopa Mohan
Executive Catalyst & Senior Counselor
OYA Foundation

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