Tuesday, 14 July 2020

OYA's Belie-chiever - Nisha Kirve's Story in her words..

My name is Nisha Kirve. I am 28 years old. I am thankful to Raheen Didi, because of their support and motivation & especially thankful to “OYA” to give me an opportunity to express my life story. I am happy to share my story & be a reason to motivate someone who wants to be motivated by it.

I was three years old & I was too naive to understand why my father & my grand-parents hit my mother daily. It was only a little later than I realized that the family needed my mother to give birth to a boy and were against the birth of a girl child. At that time my mother had two daughters, me being the eldest & my sister Deepali who was six months old. My father used to hit my mother on a regular basis whenever he was drunk. There came a point in our lives when my mother could not tolerate the pain and suffering that she had to go through daily and that is when she decided to leave that house and take us away from this monstrosity and we left at midnight, boarded a train and reached Mumbai.

Once we reached Mumbai, we had no clue about who we were & where we had to go. After some time, a lady approached my mother, she promised her a job and accommodation. My mother started working in a dance bar. At that time, a person met her & promised her that he will marry her and accept me and my sister. As he was from Rajasthan, he took us there too. After a couple of days, that person took me & handed me over to another person who was a stranger. He took me and left for Delhi via Agra and sent me to Mumbai again to his relative.

That relative (Lady) was staying in Mira Road & was working in the red-light area. There were 5-6 people in that house. They were taking advantage of me and I could not understand what exactly was happening with me. They were waiting to push me into this horrible and dark business of human trafficking as soon as I was mature enough. I shared my space with another girl who was already into this inhuman business. She was kind enough to help me to escape that hell. She gave me some amount for my traveling. The next morning I ran-away from Mira Road & I requested an auto driver to drop me at the railway station. From Mira road station I boarded the first train that arrived & I reached Mumbai Central.
I sat at the station from morning to noon, that’s when the police approached me and inquired about my family. They took me into their custody. Post complete inquiry the police handed me over into the safe hands of the members of Asha Sadan.

Asha Sadan was the turning point of my life. They have empowered me by giving me a good education and extra-curricular skills like computer courses, cooking, beauty course, tailoring, and embroidery. I graduated while I was in Asha Sadan. After graduation, I was recruited by Standard Chartered Bank through the reference of NAZ Foundation. I am thankful to them for making my career. After Asha Sadan, I started living in Omkar Satam Group Home, which became my maternal home. The founders – Satam Sir, Netra Ma’am, and Jaya Didi (Asha Sadan) arranged my wedding with all the rituals.  
Today, I am a happily married woman. My husband works for an event company. In this marriage, my husband is not only my partner for life but also that support system that has made my life beautiful & peaceful. He has filled my life with happiness that I had only dreamt of. We have been inspiring and supporting each other in life. Today I am the person that is happy and successful and that is because of the four important pillars of my life -Asha Sadan, NAZ Foundation, Omkar Satam group home & OYA. I am extremely grateful to everyone who helped me overcome my difficulties and led me into a life that is heading towards a brighter tomorrow. I hope my story touches your heart and inspires you to stand-up bravely and confidently when life knocks you down. This world is filled with a lot of darkness, but we must not forget that there is a light waiting for us at the end of this dark tunnel.

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  1. Proud of you Nisha...... while reading your journey I had tears in my eyes....too tough......but really very happy for you because you deserve to be and live happily ever after....love you dear